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Personal Branding 101: Still Struggling with Your Image? Learn to Create Your Ideal Image Through Style


I t’s no news that one of the major issues most women and even men face among their peers is the issue of low self-esteem. And this is simply because many people are oblivious to the unique beauty they possess.  personal branding

Society has historically labeled beauty as just what we look like. Hence, we often fail to realize that true beauty extends far beyond our outward appearance and into the state of our hearts, our carriage and even the imperfections that make us unlike any other.

Truth is, if you don’t feel beautiful on the inside, you can’t look it! If you don’t believe you’re beautiful, you can’t feel it either! This is what personal branding is mostly about.

What is personal branding?

Properly defined, ‘personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of you by positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, elevating your credibility, and differentiating yourself from the competition, to ultimately advance your career, increase your circle of influence, and have a larger impact.’ -Wiki.

Personal Branding x Style

What many people don’t know is that a big part of personal branding has to do with your style and personal image. It is very important to build a signature style that aligns with your personal brand. Why? Because the first thing people notice about you, way before you show them how much you know, is your style!

Your style is your first intro…what your wear is your ‘elevator pitch’ without you having to say a word”

~ Uni U., Cofounder, Style Rave

Think of the most iconic, most successful and powerful women and men you know––all of them have one thing in common for sure, a unique sense of style that is analogous with their personal brand. But most people don’t even know where to begin when it comes to building their style profile. What is most worrisome is that many people need to hear they are beautiful or that they look good before they believe it. Or some look up to their friends or foes, as the case may be, to gain validation. If you ask me, by viewing yourself through other people’s lenses, you reduce yourself to just a shadow of others. How about being you and seeing your beauty from your own perspective for a change?

Understanding your style and using it as a tool that positively impacts your personal branding comes from knowing and understanding your body, then accepting and loving yourself. You can’t keep calling your friends to ask what they plan to wear each time you have an outing. Knowing your style and creating your ‘perfect’ personal image each time you step out is a sign of confidence––one that feeds and energizes your personal brand. 

Talking about your personal brand, you have to learn to create an image that is authentic, defines you, and most importantly, aligns with your true self.

These tips will guide you on how to create the ‘perfect’ look for yourself when next you step out for a professional, social or romantic outing. Remember each time you step out is an opportunity for you to add to your personal brand. To effectively do this, you first have to realize that you’re beautiful. Again, remember that beauty isn’t only what you look like. It’s also who you are on the inside. That’s what people feed off of. 

Here are 8 steps to using style to impact your personal branding…

#1. Discover your style

Clothes that define your person, character, and how you feel, reflect your style. The fit, the colors, and how comfortable you are in such clothes make them perfect for your brand. 

#2. Experiment with your look

If the above sounds like rocket science. Then this step will work a lot faster. Try out different clothes in front of the mirror and decide the perfect image that suits you. I do this all the time and it’s yet to fail me.

#3. Shop clothes that fit

Micah Gianneli personal-branding-perfect-personal-image
Micah Gianneli

Wearing oversized clothing is a turn off, I tell you––except for clothes that have been so designed. So to create the perfect image, you need to find clothes that fit your shape and size. Settle for the right colors. The point is to settle for clothes that work for you. If it doesn’t fit, lose it.

#4. Be versatile with your wardrobe

Toke Makinwa

Try not to be a one-trick pony. Let your wardrobe be functional and fun. Your wardrobe must represent different outing settings. Thus, it is essential to dress to suit the occasion.

#5. Get your makeup right

Try to be moderate and subtle in your use of makeup and avoid losing the real you or ‘scaring’ people off with your look. Your makeup should match the setting so you don’t end up looking out of place.

#6. Accessorize to make the difference

Didi Olomide Stone personal-branding-perfect-personal-image
Didi ‘Olomide’ Stone

It’s funny how a simple accessory can change the look of your clothes from just simple to elegant and more. So do not hold back on those accessories.

#7. Keep good personal hygiene

There’s not much to add to this. Being clean is an art we all appreciate. People judge you based on your outward hygiene, so best believe that this can make or break a deal for you.

#8. Your hair is part of the equation

Omoni Oboli natural hair
Omoni Oboli

Your hairstyle is also one of the easiest means of boosting your look. Try out different styles, colors, hair accessories––pack it up, let it down––cut it off (Just Kidding! Lol) until you discover the hairstyles) that help you pop! Basically, whatever works for you and still makes a statement, go for it.

Always remember it is your body, your rules. You alone call the shots on what works and doesn’t work for your body and image. Having a ‘perfect’ image is about creating one that properly marries your authentic self and your personal brand. 

Need more help with building a personal style that uplifts your personal brand? Contact me at info@stylerave.com.

Cover girls: Alexandra Lapp, Toke Makinwa, Chioma Ikokwu

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