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Beanies Are The It Accessory For Stylish Men: Here’s How To Rock Them


Although there are numerous hat types, none is quite as cool as the beanie. Whatever you call them— skullcaps, head warmers—beanies aren’t just a single-function fashion item for when the weather is freezing. In fact, beanies, in modern-day, are held in high fashion regards. Just ask the stylish men you know.

Simple yet super cool, this knitted piece is the ultimate fashion accessory and a must-have for every man, no matter his style. Both functional and fashionable, a beanie can keep your head warm, hide messy hair, and add a cool and voguish touch to your outfit all at the same time. It is indeed a multifunctional accessory, one every modern GQ man swears by.

Being a soft and flexible type of brimless hat, it’s not just a matter of what you wear, it’s also about how you wear it. Beanies work well with modern-day menswear because most are inspired by utilitarian wears, and there are a number of styles to match a wide range of face shapes.


How to wear a beanie

A beanie is meant to be worn casually: think playful casual, smart casual or business casual. So pairing it with a casual outfit is the easiest and most natural way to go. All you need to do is choose a simple ensemble with relaxed fabrics and styles and top it up with the right beanie.

A pair of jeans, a bomber jacket, and lace-up boots will create a fashionable streetwear look when paired with a beanie. Alternatively, you could switch up the jeans with a pair of chinos or dress pants paired with a crew-neck t-shirt, a trench coat or pea coat and a pair of sneakers to turn the look into an awesome business casual outfit.


As for the beanie itself, the most important thing is making sure it matches one of the colors of your outfit or contrasts it nicely if you’re aiming for a more fashion-forward look. beanie man

Whatever you do, be careful to avoid dressing too casually or you could end up appearing sloppy instead of stylish. Remember, simple doesn’t have to be boring.

Take tips from these style stars on how to wear a beanie…

Contrast your outfit


The business casual approach


The athleisure route


Match your beanie to your shoes


The monochrome way


Military tones



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