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Mens Fashion Week Nigeria




From the 1st to 3rd December, the City of Lagos will witness one of the largest international fashion week to have taken place in Nigeria. Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria (MFWN) will present 14 acclaimed international designers alongside 18 leading Nigerian designers in Nigeria’s most significant men’s fashion event to date. To be attended by a host of local and international celebrities, VIP guests and the world’s foremost media, this will be a key milestone in Nigeria’s fashion history.

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Marking a key development in Nigeria’s fashion landscape, the International Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria will bring together on one runway the very best designers from around the globe and Nigeria; already confirmed are designers from the U.S.A., Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, and Rwanda.


Commenting on the international line up, Santiago Roberts, Founder and Managing Partner of the MFWN said “The Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria heralds a key milestone in Nigeria’s fashion history. The presence of so many international designers alongside those from Nigeria is particularly exciting, it is also an excellent opportunity to encourage and recognize designers who are not afraid to be experimental in their creations to push their own boundaries amongst other talented avant-garde designers. Likewise, I am delighted that so many of the international designers are from the continent of Africa, fulfilling our long held desire to expose these unique creative talents to new markets and opportunities.”




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Representing Nigeria, in addition to Kamsi TCharles, Big Ben Kilani, Ugo Monye, Joe Pagatanga will be 14 exciting and talented designers; covering the full spectrum of creativity and styles, this will be the most extensive showcase of Nigeria’s fashion talent to have taken place.


Recognizing this, Ovo Ogufere, Managing Partner of Mens Fashion Week Nigeria, said, “The International Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria will be a unique showcase of the exceptional design talent that exists in Nigeria. The increasing recognition of the artistry and workmanship of our designers will be brought to new heights by placing them on a truly international platform.”



A symbol of Nigeria’s rapid expansion and growth, the international Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria will take place at the newly opened GLITZ Events Center in Lekki Phase 1. This state of the art development boasts innovative design architecture and inspiring spaces. This resonates with the creative direction of the Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria, which will present designers renowned for their cutting edge, avant-garde and progressive creations. As such, it will be the perfect venue and backdrop for the week.



Established in 2012, Qhue Concepts has rapidly developed and become one of the leading marketing and production companies in Nigeria. Through various media and television markets, Qhue Concepts has widened its network and through strategic partnership produced groundbreaking contents to the Nigerian market. With two big projects: Miss Tourism Nigeria and Mr. Universe Nigeria  which are broadcasted annually on some of the largest entertainment channel in Nigeria at primetime, Qhue Concepts is pushing the development of Nigerian fashion industry by finding many talented Nigerian models and designers to join local and global market.

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Recognized as a leading production company in fashion and modeling, Qhue Concepts aims at promoting and helping the Nigerian fashion industry to catch up and join the world market. The launching of the 1st International Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria will be another big step to mark Nigeria fashion industry into the world’s map.

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