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Fun Nigeria Facts for Kids


  • The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is located in West Africa, it shares a land boarder with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger.

  • The total land mass of Nigeria is 923,768 km² (356,669 mi²), which makes it the world’s 32nd-largest country by land mass.

  • The British colonised Nigeria in the late 19th century through to 1960 when Nigeria became independent.

  • Nigeria is a member of both the British Commonwealth and the African Union.

  • Nigeria has a population of nearly 175 million people (174,507,539) as of July 2013, making it the most populous country in Africa, and the 7th most populous country in the world.

  • The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos with an estimated population of around 21 million people.

  • The capital city is of Nigeria is Abuja, which was planned out and then built in the 1980s, officially replacing Lagos as the capital in 1991.

  • Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, the three largest of which are the Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo.

  • The currency of Nigeria is called the Naira.

  • English is the official language of Nigeria, and is used in education, business and for official purposes. In rural areas, indigenous languages of Yoruba and Igbo are more commonly spoken. There are also many other minority languages.

  • The highest point in Nigeria is the mountain Chappal Waddi at 2,419 m (7,936 ft).

  • The Benue River and the Niger River (which the country was named after) are the largest rivers in Nigeria, they join and empty into the large Niger Delta.

  • Poor healthcare, living conditions and a lack of access to good water means Nigeria has a low general standard of living. The life expectancy is on average just 52 years.

  • Nigeria has high levels of oil reserves and relies a lot on crude oil exports.

  • Football (soccer) is popular in Nigeria, the national team known as the “Super Eagles” have made 5 appearances at the World Cup, won the African Cup of Nations 3 times and won the football gold medal at the 1996 Olympics.

  • Nigeria’s national basketball team qualified for the 2012 Olympics and the country has exported a number of players to America’s NBA including Hakeem Olajuwon.

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