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Top 8 Nigerian Dishes Recipes For Popular Dishes in Nigeria


Nigerian dishes would include all kinds of foods that are served in Nigeria, these are very popular ones. Most of them are easy to prepare, you will find a link to the individual recipes below.

Also, all of these dishes are featured in the latest version of the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook.

Top 8 Nigerian Dishes and Recipes

Nigerian dishes

Here are the 7 most popular Nigerian dishes, some of them are pretty easy to replicate, and the rest would require a little more effort.

1. Jollof Rice.


The first on my list would be the all too popular jollof rice. There are just too many jollof rice recipes out there but I think this takes the cake. They basically take the same process; the difference could be simply the addition of vegetables/fruits, the use of chicken instead of fish, choice of spice, etc. Jollof rice can be fixed during the rush hour, in less than 60 minutes, I have done that a couple of times. If you have most of the required ingredients stashed away in the freezer, you can do it too.

There is nothing really special with this, slice some carrot, green pepper, red pepper, green beans and add them just three minutes before you turn off the heat.
Follow this link for >> How To Make Jollof Rice

2. White Rice and tomato stew.

Rice and stew
These sure look delicious, most Nigerian homes make the simpler version of this food; the only difference with that and this is just the addition of carrot/green beans. I believe the addition of these vegetables does not only make your food look inviting, but it also makes it healthy too.

Just boil your white rice the usual way, add the sliced carrot/green beans just 3 minutes before you turn off the heat. Here is How To Make Tomato Stew.

3. Egusi Soup and Eba.

egusi and fufu
The third on my list would be egusi soup and eba, or fufu (as in the case of the dish above). This is one of the popular Nigerian dishes, this soup is well received in Nigeria, it is mostly served alongside eba (prepared garri), fufu or semo. Egusi soup is easy to prepare, follow this link for How To Make Egusi Soup.

4. Edikaikong Soup.

Edikaikong soup
The fourth on my list of popular Nigerian dishes would be the all too popular edikaikong soup. Edikaikong is native to the efiks and made with two of the most popular vegetables in Nigeria (water leaves and fluted pumpkin leaves). I love this soup exactly the way it is served here – with well-prepared wheat; it can also go with eba, fufu, or semo.
Click here to learn how to make Edikaikong Soup.

5. Fried Rice.

Nigerian dishes
Fried rice is one of the most outstanding Nigerian rice meals, it’s like the best of Nigerian dishes, everybody loves fried rice. However, the recipe is not as simple as that of jollof rice or tomato stew, there is a learning curve, but once you are able to master the process, it becomes pretty much as easy as most Nigerian recipes. The link below shows you how to make fried rice the Nigerian way – How to Make fried Rice

6. Pepper Soup

pot of peppersoup
Pepper soup is one of the well known Nigerian dishes, it is actually the only soup that is consumed without pairing with other foods. You can, however, chose to pair with white boiled yam or rice.

Click Here for Pepper soup Recipe

7. Porridge Yam.

Porridge Yam
Number six on my list of popular Nigerian dishes would be porridge yam. This meal can turn out really delicious if you know what you are really doing. If you want to enjoy this meal, use yams that are older than 7 months, newly harvested yams are not just good for porridge yam. Click Here For My Porridge Yam Recipe.

8. Porridge Beans and Recipe.

Porridge Beans
The last on this list would be… beans porridge? Well, Usually, it is porridge beans and plantain – all cooked, but in my case I decided to fry the plantain.

There are just about 5 different beans recipes that I know but this happens to take the cake. The average Nigerian person eats beans like once in a week, the exception being when you live in Ogun state and probably a copper, you will eat beans and bread every morning Please here is one of the Nigerian dishes – porridge yam.
I really think there are hundreds of other delicious Nigerian dishes that would make this list if my three years old son is reading this, he would be like “No mummy, Indomie should be number 1” lol.

So I would like to read your thought. What do you think? Which is your favorite Nigerian dish? Tell me about it.

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