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5 Things Every Woman Should Consider When Picking An Outfit


As women, we generally endeavor to look awesome each time we step out of the house. Regardless of whether we are going to work, a drink with friends, or a lunch, we endeavor to ensure that we present our best image to the world. It is Unfortunate that in our search for flawlessness, we on occasion succumb to our individual decisions that leave us feeling not as beautiful as we proposed.

Below are 5 Things every woman should consider when picking an outfit:

  1. Make comfort your priority

Ensure that whatever outfit you pick for the day makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing that makes me sadder that a woman who constantly feels the need to pull down her dress while walking in town for being too short.

  1. Choose your struggle

You do not have to be in six inch heels to feel dope, trust me. Sometimes, pairing that dress with a cute jacket and a pair of sneakers will actually make you look and feel so good. You don’t have to struggle to look good in heels and be forced to wobble all over town for the rest of the day. The muscle cramps, backaches, and embarrassment are just not worth it.

  1. Dress your body type

Girls, the secret to looking good is knowing your body type and finding what works for you. Not everything you see in magazines is meant for you.

  1. Simple is elegant

Do not feel pressured to overdo it. Choose a simple outfit and accessorize it properly. Don’t oversell your look by overdoing it. Most times, a simple chain and handbag paired with the right make up is all you need.

  1. Be bold

Try colors that others wouldn’t dare. Try the blue hair. Apply the black lipstick. Get the burgundy shoes. Layer a purple dress with a green belt. Just embrace it and make it in your own unique way.

Choosing the right outfit is the secret to elegance. What else do you consider before dressing?



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