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Nigeria Trade Summit


  • Nigeria – Australia
    Joint Trade Mission
    Business, Investment, Trade
    And Economic Exchange -Australia Edition

    20 – 25 September 2019 Sydney, Australia

About Nigeria Australia Joint Trade Mission

Nigeria Australia Joint Trade Mission, is a Bilateral innovative business platform to enhance trade, business, investment and economic opportunities among nations involved.

Nigeria-Australia Joint Trade Mission is an annual bilateral innovative, business and economic platform to enhance joint trade, investment and economic opportunities among nations involved.
Its about business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange, to strengthen bilateral relationship promoting joint trade and business, enhancing stronger international bilateral relationship.
Nigeria-Australia Joint Trade Mission (the Business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange) will be held in countries selected.
Each country’s program will promote a lot of local and international businesses, factories, investments, companies, industries, locally made goods, products and services, visitors, traders, and investors from the countries selected,
Nigeria Australia Joint Trade Mission is a yearly trade, goods, services and consumer exhibition, conference, and networking program dedicated to offer the Best, business, Investment, trade Opportunities that build wealth, support international networking, business development and exchange.
This project is produced by World Trade Summit and Expo Organisation, World Trade Mission, Globe Economic Council and Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
This project is a joint initiative and partnership with Transnational Trade and Commerce Center, Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, World Trade Summit & Expo Organization, Nigerian Embassy, Australia, Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, States and Federal Government of Nigeria.

MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS OF NIGERIA – Australia Joint Trade Mission

Day 1 Highlights

  • Investors/Delegation meet and greet
  • Nigeria – Australia Power and Renewable Energy Exhibition
  • Nigeria – Australia Joint Commerce and Business Roundtable
  • Mining Business Investment in Nigeria by Australia Investment companies
  • Public Private Partnership (PPPA) Initiative, Building Economy for Mutual Benefit to all the countries involved
  • Nigeria Australia Investment opportunities as investment destination
  • Nigeria – Australia Business Forum
  • Talking Business Opportunities
  • Display of non functioning industries in Nigeria for Investors takeover
  • Investors Forum
  • Exhibition of goods and services from Australia and Nigeria

Day 2 Highlights

  • Trade Talk & Exchange
  • Let’s talk Home and let’s invest Home project
  • Speech Presentation – topic making Nigeria the best destination for investment, talking Business for mutual benefit
  • Meeting of business executives, Top Business leaders
  • Factories/Industrial sites city tour and infrastructure sight seeing for all countries involved

Day 3 Highlights

  • Investment Co-operation Meeting
  • Opening speech by Nigerian ambassador
  • Fashion & Fabrics Exhibition – showcasing made in Nigeria and Australia Fashion for friendship
  • Meeting with entrepreneurs and business men in diaspora
  • Nigeria Australia Entertainment & Tourisim Opportunity
  • After party/Dinner with Business Executives

Day 4 Highlights

  • Business Investment Forum
  • Nigeria/Australia Trade Business & Investment Exhibition /Trade Talk
  • Australia Auto parts and Auto-related Industries
  • Interactive Season
  • Joint business co-operation in agriculture, education, auto, mining, oil and gass, infratructural development, manpower training and machines/equipment sales and services
  • Nigeria-Australia Global business/trade deals


Express your Interest in joining our business mission (trade delegation), Nigeria Business Leaders are invited to express an interest in joining future business delegation.
Note, your expression of interest does not guarantee participation only selected participants are expected join and also meet thier own cost.
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In order to successfully plan and implement this project, we are partnering with lots of private and government agencies in Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand and 256 Top Nigerian – Australian companies have already registered to participate in Nigeria – Australia Joint Trade Mission.

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