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Traditional Marriage In Nigeria, See All The Tribes


Traditional marriage in Nigeria, as we all know Nigeria as a country have rich cultures irrespective of each tribes Geo-graphic locations, among these great cultural heritages is marriage traditions just like every other countries in the world.

Though Traditional Marriage in Nigeria vary from urban to rural wedding in which different ethnics and tribes customs comes into play, virtually all marital unions in Nigeria whether Church wedding or traditional marriages always start from the initial meetings between the couples to be before every other procedures takes place.

Usually, after the formal meetings between the two families involved, several customary traditions follows in which the dowry and engagement ceremonies with all the needed traditions are followed before the wedding ceremony as the case may be.

The possibilities of arranged traditional marriage in Nigeria is however not to be ruled out completely, but it is very rare even in the local customs and traditions in the country which is attributable to civilizations.

Traditional Marriage In Nigeria: Basic Guides

(a.) The Introduction Ceremony

Before the engagements as it is practiced widely in the country, the two families usually become acquainted through formal ceremony known as the introduction which is often a low key observance between few people.

Some traditional marriage in Nigeria requires a letter of introduction, which the groom and his parents must provide to the bride’s family on the day of their visit.

At times little traditional dances accompanies this, but this is mainly in a situation where the real wedding ceremony are just a few days away.

(b.) Engagement Ceremony

This time, the evening before the traditional day, the groom’s family pays another visit to the bride’s family with all the requirements that had been previously agreed upon traditionally. Also during this visit, even though it has been clearly established that the marriage is taking place, the groom’s family pretends as if they come to hear the response of their initial request….this is just a mere tradition!.

If the consent is given, as is already expected, the families are then formally introduced to the guests and the experiments begins with enough foods and drinks to go with it.

Traditionally, bride’s family caters for the food, even if the groom has hand in the provision of food, it’s usually not to be mentioned. While the engagement ceremony is going on, the groom’s family presents the gifts for the bride and her people.

The gifts includes items as these in some great or lesser quantities based on the groom’s ability and what the both families may have agreed to come with. The items are usually: Yams, Drinks, Clothes, Shoes, Jewelries, Kola nuts, Palm oil and other things based on each tribe’s traditions which may even require the list to include broom and sugar canes. It is also in this ceremony that the bride takes a drink from her father and gives to her husband to be, this particular aspects of traditional marriage is always interesting because it attracts attentions of all the guest with with many other young men beckoning the bride to bring the drink their way; which is never going to happen.

(c.) Wedding Ceremony

This is day that every other important celebrations culminates. Though customs varies as to how this is carried out or performed. Some takes the celebration to the Church and come back, others make do with the compound in which the celebrations started in with prayers and all sorts of musics and traditional dances to keep everyone in the mood.

Every other things may vary depending on the customs but one thing would be inconspicuously open is the display of fabrics as both families are seen in their best attires. The couple also stands apart from the gathered crowd with the best outfits that one could ever imagine.

Traditional Marriages In Different Parts Of Nigeria

Traditional marriage in Nigeria, here are the list of traditional marriage in some of the country. Read and click the links below to find out more.

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*Traditional Marriage In Igboland – Traditional marriage requirements in Igbo land, generally people has the notions that the cost of marriage in the eastern part of the country is high, but that is not completely true.

Traditional marriage In Hausa – Getting married to an Hausa lady is no doubt one of the easiest compared to other tribes in Nigeria.

*Traditional Marriage In Kogi State – This is a must read because the state has every thing exceptionally different from all others.

*Traditional Marriage In Tiv, Benue State –  Benue State has deep cultural traditions that demands some wider acknowledgements.

*Traditional Marriage Rites In Cross River State – One unique thing about the traditional marriage rites in Cross River state is that they do not pay bride price.

*Traditional Marriage Rites In Calabar/Efik – There are some interesting details of this multi-cultural tribe, click the link to find out more.

*Traditional Marriage rites in Afikpo, Ebonyi State –  The only process that people still frown at with traditional marriage rites in Afikpo arrangements is the high cost of the items to seal up the marriage with.

*Traditional marriage Rites In Ilorin, Kwara State –  Marriage ceremony in Kwara state happens to be a of different colors and rich traditional displays of all sorts.

Cost Of Traditional Marriage Rites In Mbaise, Imo State – Generally speaking, traditional marriage rites in Mbaise is filled what all sorts of controversies and is highly criticized.

Traditional Marriage Rites In Ijaw –  The bride price varies from clan to clan, family to family, but mostly depends on the financial abilities of the groom.

Traditional Marriage In Edo State – Very important point to be aware of is to be adequately prepare yourself before making your intentions to marry an Edo lady known.

Traditional Marriage In Itsekiri – When it comes to marriage, an average Itsekiri man or woman values the unity of the marriage more than any form of gifts that they may receive nor give to the others.

Traditional Marriage In Urhobo – The traditional marriage of the Urhobo people is so unique that if people have a tribe to single out as one that have A-ONE in all marriage arrangements, Urhobo is there to be picked!




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