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Traditional African clothes are out fits mainly worn by Africans and they are made of different types of fabrics. The fabric that is mostly used to make African clothes is Aso oke fabric. This fabric is then passed through a process called Adire that create the tie and dye patterns in the fabric. Traditionally these fabrics were hand made and the skill and techniques are passed from one generation to the other, although with the introduction of western culture and clothing, African culture and clothing have started to fade away and very few people makes the fabric by hand nowadays. Due to the fact that they were hand made they produced diverse pattern and designs. African fabric used to make African clothes is made from many different designs, patterns and colors and is mainly bright in color. The patterns, design and the color of the African fabric mainly varies from one region to another.


In general African clothes are typically loose-fitting and incredibly comfortable. As the fabric used to make African clothes varies from one region to another, the same case applies to the outfit itself as it varies from region to region. The design of the African clothes is mainly determined by culture of each country or ethnic group. In most case an African outfits usually have a head wrap or a hat for men that also varies from one region to another. There are different types of African clothes and some of them are:


  • Dashikis – This is a brightly printed tunics
  • Embroidered Yoruba Aso oke – this is mainly worn for celebrations
  • Princess kaftans – it is usually printed in complex patterns.
  • Babariga or Agbada outfit – This is mainly four part outfits that consist of a hat, long-sleeved shirt, agbada bubu, and pants. It can be worn on African traditional weddings.
  • Ariya – this is an African woman outfit that is mainly worn on traditional weddings or important events. It mainly consists of Blouse, head wrap, shawl and wrapper. This African dress comes with different styles, pattern and color.
  • Lapa – This is an outfit mostly worn by a true African tribal Queen and it originated from South Africa.
  • Kaftans – This is a traditional African women clothe that is mostly worn by African royal family, queens and women belonging to prominent families.


Traditional African clothes for women

Traditional African clothes can be worn by children, men and women. African clothes for women mainly consist of Kaftans and it come with a variety design, color and style. The designers also make accessories such as handbags, jewelries and shoes that matches with the cloth. Traditional African clothing for women was greatly influenced by the ancient Egyptian clothing.


Significant of African traditional clothes


  • African clothes mainly put emphasis on the various tribes of Africa and they keep up a correspondence the traditions of the African people.
  • Traditional African clothes signify the cultural importance and helps in maintaining and preserving the African culture.
  • They usually help someone to reflect on their heritage especially when they are worn on traditional wedding and African special occasions or events.
  • African clothes are worn during African ceremonies such as initiation and in this case the design concept that is used shows integrity and dignity of the occasion. The use of African clothes in initiation ceremony is to decorate the ceremony.


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