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What’s Your Style Personality Hush



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Question 1 of 7

How do you wear colour?

Pretty pastels

Does khaki count?

Strong, contrasting and bright shades

Colour… what colour!

Question 2 of 7

How would you describe your look?

Effortless and laid-back

I like to make a statement

Unstructured and monochrome

Pretty with detail

Question 3 of 7

Which personality do you most aspire to?

Risk-taker, lives life to the fullest

Total zen

Well-groomed, sophisticated

Trend-setter, laid back

Question 4 of 7

Pick one of the following outfits…

A wide-leg jumpsuit and white trainers

An off the shoulder floral dress

A military jacket, denim and a plain white tee

A bold knit with bright nails

Question 5 of 7

What does your ideal home look like?

Perfectly thought out with velvet cushions

Industrial – copper pipes, exposed brick

Statement wall in every room

All grey, every day

Question 6 of 7

Which city break best suits you?

Colourful Marrakesh

Uber cool Berlin

Scandi Copenhagen

Romantic Paris

Question 7 of 7

A night with your friends means…

Dinner at the latest restaurant opening

Hold my bag, I’m dancing

Cocktails with the girls

Informal dinner at home



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