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Greno Fashion World


Online Shopping with Greno

Greno Fashion World is a subsidiary of the Greno Group; a conglomerate that includes Greno Global Resources Limited, Greno Inter-City Express Limited, Greno Motors Limited, Greno Dredging Solutions Limited, Greno Oil and Gas Limited as well as Greno Engineering and Construction Limited with business concerns covering a wide spectrum of commercial activities. Greno Fashion World is a sure destination for your one-stop couture concerns and solutions. It offers you a world class boutique that deals in Unisex Clothing, Jewelries, Shoes and Accessories. Greno Fashion World is equally dedicated to offering you quality Event Management Solutions and Services that are designed to leave you with cherish-able and long-lasting memories of such events. Learn more

Why Shop on Greno?

At Greno, you are guaranteed an online shopping experience like never before. With over 10,000 items to choose from, Greno offers a wide selection of items that spans across every human need and want. We have super deals all the time and we are always there for any special season. In addition to this, our delivery is fast and our services are effective. More importantly, if you wish to shop directly from our store, call this number (+2347017328210) and we will come pick you from where ever you are and drop you off afterwards.


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