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5 Unique Ways To Style Your Little Black Dress


Overemphasized yet remains relevant, that’s the story of the little black dress, fondly called the LBD. A wardrobe can’t be complete and a woman can’t be fashionable without a little black dress or two resting easy inside her collection of clothes.

This wardrobe essential can fly on the red carpet, Sunday morning service or a baby shower. It all depends on how you choose to style it.

Ini Dima-Okojie styling her LBD the traditional way

Most of us have at least one little black dress in our wardrobe but we resort to wearing it in just one religious way, that’s sure to get boring by now. A little black dress is arguably one of the most adaptable pieces you could ever own and this is not one of those theoretical statements you read on blogs. You can dress it up or down depending on your destination but today, we’re going to show you how to style it up in unique ways.

Bella Hadid. Photo credit: Neil Warner/Splashnews.com

What makes Bella Hadid’s look above so stunning? She’s got four of our five tips going on and you’ll soon master them below.

Here are 5 ways to elevate your little black dress like a style star…

#1. LBD X Statement Neckpiece

Jennifer Lopez Statement neckpiece paired with the little black dress LBD
Jennifer Lopez

The little black dress is like a blank canvas and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with any type of accessory but a statement neckpiece totally ups the LBD into an Instagram-perfect look. The chunkier the better—take bold steps in fashion, they’re usually the right ones.

#2. LBD X Stockings

Shadi Y Cair

Never have cool and classy been well suited to be used together than in defining the pairing of an LBD and a pair of stockings. For best results, ditch patterned stockings for plain black ones and accessorize with a statement handbag. This is like using one stone to kill two birds, as you stay stylish and warm at that overcooled restaurant or party.

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#3. LBD X Print Accessories 

Jenee Marie

Sometimes you just want to spice up the LBD by wearing it street style. Try choosing a little black dress with subtle details and pair it with print accessories like snakeskin boots or monogram designer boots or handbag. Complement this with minimal accessories and stand out like a style star!

#4. LBD X Collared Button-Down Shirt


The style of your LBD notwithstanding, this classy look is worth a try. This style has a free-spirited and youthful yet semi-formal vibe to it and can be styled with sneakers, flats or high heel shoes depending again on your destination.

#5. LBD X Sweater


For that sporty-college feel, opt for a sweater, especially oversized. This look is comfy and stylish. You can style this look with sneakers or create a more girly feel with heels.

Whatever the case may be, the power of your slay lies in styling your LBD to fit seamlessly your body type and the occasion.

Photo Credit: Instagram| As Captioned

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