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The latest Fashion Trends in Nigeria



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Nigeria has always been a trendsetter country and it is popular for its multi-cultural background and its beautiful fashion sense.  The latest 2019 trends include more of English attires and accessories instead of its motherland dresses. Most Nigerian men and women are copying the fancy lifestyle of its celebrities and are trying so hard to dress well and not break the bank in the process. Items like Sneakers, PVC heels, male bracelets and handbags are the most sought after Trends for 2019.


See Through Heels

Since the Kardashians wore this pair of heels in 2018, several online stores have had a huge influx of customers all looking for this beauty. Nigerian ladies are seen rocking this shoe everywhere from weddings to church to other activities. It has become the most worn pair of heels for the first quarter.

Balenciaga Sneakers


Everyone wants to own a pair of Balenciaga sneakers. This is the most worn sneakers in Nigeria since it was launched in 2018. From children to the president of Nigeria, everyone owns a pair of Balenciaga sneakers.



A man that has beards always has a bracelet on, if you doubt me check out the wrist of a man on beards right now! Jokes apart, Nigerian men are always looking for timeless pieces of accessories that make them look cute and hot. There are several designs for this bracelets and you can find fashion conscious Nigerian Men trooping into jewellery stores to get themselves a pair of this bracelet.


Hand bags

Handbags have always been a friend of every woman but the new trends of handbags are to die for. They are usually portable and come in smaller sizes and patterns.


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