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Nigeria clothing, Nigeria dressing pattern and clothes


Nigeria clothing styles depicts the Nigerian culture and tradition.

There are different clothing for different places and events, unlike the western world where people dress in suits and long sleave, whether they are bankers or governors.

Every body dress almost the same including their traditional rulers (I am not even sure the traditional rulers exist in the western world) OK, with few exception.

Nigerian clothing
If you are hoping to learn how to dress as a Nigerian wife you are at the right place.

I will be showcasing the different kind of Nigeria clothes often made of lace, Adire, Ankara, and lots of other Nigeria fabrics, made by strong companies in Nigeria and round the world.

Most of Nigeria Clothes are made from a professional tie and dye, this is a method where some part of a large piece of clothe (mostly white) is tightly tied with a rope at the helm or center and different parts of the body and soaked in a dye of any color.

The essence of the tying is to prevent the dye from penetrating the defined area there by creating a vigorous beautiful color pattern.

Nigerian dress styles are loved by the Nigerian people, A woman in the north would prefer a buba over a suit while the men would want to be seen in Sokoto, Buba, Fila, Abeti-aja and Agbada. As Agbada is the most preferred by northern politician and the rich people.

The Nigerian buba is a loose shirt that goes down till halfway down the thighs covering the upper part of the male trouser or skirt. Fila is a cap. Sokoto(shokoto) is the the pant or trouser, which covers the lower part of the body.

Nigerian Fashion and Dress Sense changes as you move down the tribes from the north to the south and down to the eastern part occupied by the Igbos, the Nigerian Industrialist. You will yet be stunned by their new kind of attire, their sophisticated attire that comes with the heads of either lion or leopard printed round about it.

To have a better peek you may want to walk in during one of our festivals. The new yam festivals (iri-ji) or the (Ikeji)
[h2]Nigerian Fabrics[/h2]
Nigerian clothing
Clothes in Nigeria Nigerian Fabrics
After Nigerian independent in 1960 The Nigeria market was flooded with imported fabrics and clothes. Then the country depended solely on holland and several other countries that made good fabrics

Then was the reign of the popular “Hollandis” (made in Holland) it was the best and most exorbitant fabric in Nigeria market. Over the years this have been deliberately replaced with Nigeria made fabrics

Nigeria fabrics are loved by the people not because it comes cheap but because it is nicely made the the best of equipment of international standard. The fabrics have come to stay and it is becoming the people’s favorite and no body wants to dress out of tune…hence all folks are sticking to fabrics made in Nigeria while the imported ones are supplemented in rare cases
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